Ноябрь 2018

Do you like Moscow? Would you share your experiences with people? Can you imagine your life without travel? Then we are waiting for you! No matter your age and a previous job. You can get the profession of a tour guide at any time and any age.
Our students are doctors and engineers, teachers and journalists, artists and athletes. All these people share a great love for their land, a desire to learn more about their country and pass their knowledge on to others.
Our Tour Guide Training Center “Tourcenter” is an organization with a rich history and broad experience. Created about half a century ago, Tourcenter became the first place in Moscow to train tour guides and tourist group leaders. Training in the Center gave a fresh start in life to a considerable number of guides, conducting their activities in Moscow and other cities.
We offer:
Guides Courses;
Courses for Guides-Interpreters;
Professional development seminars;
Excursions in Moscow and many of its surrounding cities.


Россия, 121165, Москва, ул. Киевская 22                                Информационно-образовательные ресурсы РФ
Телефоны: 8-499-249-41-76, 8-499-249-41-86.
E-mail: tturcentr@mail.ru

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